How to use paint for aluminum

Aluminum is a material that seems complicated to paint because there is no specific aluminum paint, but you can apply any.  What makes aluminum paint to be durable is the chemical primer before painting put under aluminum. From Biotech want to give you some tips to properly use your paint to aluminum surfaces notes:

Sanding the aluminum surface. This is the most important phase, so that the coating of paint covers the entire surface of aluminum and the paint is durable, it is very important that you sand the surface well.

Clean aluminum. Remove all traces of dirt, grease or a brush with an anti-grease solution to smooth the surface and the aluminum paint layer afterwards and soft.

Paint the entire area with a multi-stick primer. For aluminum paint to be resistant it is very important that you paint the area well with this adherent solution, let it dry for at least one hour and the jumps with a fine sandpaper eliminating all lumps that may have remained of the previous process.

Choose your paint aluminum and give two layers. As we have said, you can choose any painting to paint the aluminum, either matte or bright, depending on the effect you want to achieve. We recommend that you have two layers so that the surface that you are going to paint is better and you get a more lasting effect.

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