How to remove paint stains

When it comes to painting, it is inevitable that a drop will escape on the garment or any area of ​​the room. Let’s see how to remove the paint stains.

Remove stains by type of paint

To remove paint stains must take into account that each product uses a specific solvent, but if in doubt, there are universal solvents (NITRO).

The stains of oil are cleaned with turpentine or paint thinner, the paint stains oil are rubbed with turpentine and then washed with soap and water while the paint stains water are removed whittling the garment in cold water .

Remove paint spots from clothing

In the case of tissues and washables, if the paint is fresh, it will disappear using for each paint (water, turpentine, universal solvent, etc.) solvent. If it has already dried, it is advisable to let the fabric soak for several hours to soften the stain before rubbing it with turpentine or universal solvent. Finally, the fabric is cleaned with detergent.

Another option will place the spot of paint on a surface that is absorbent (a clean cloth or paper towel) and gently rub with a cloth soaked in solvent. This is for the case where the paint is still fresh. So that there is no fence around the stain, it should be sprinkled with talcum powder and brushed when the stain has dried.

Remove paint stains on wood

In the case of wood, the oil paint stains disappear by rubbing them with turpentine. The rest of the paints are usually cleaned by rubbing the wood with a steel scouring pad moistened in any oven cleaner.

Remove paint stains in marble or stone

For marble and stone, the stains are removed with a cloth fresh paint, and should be scraped if it is dry. The remains disappear by rubbing the area with turpentine.

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