How to paint with acrylic paints

When painting with acrylics, tips can be very useful. Let’s see some of them to be safer when it comes to making our paintings.

Painting tips with acrylic

Acrylic paints are widely used for different decorative techniques, whose main features are its fast drying and good covering power.

But besides knowing very well the technique to be applied, there are other skills that will serve us for the painting with acrylic achieve excellent results. Here are some tips:

How to paint with acrylic paints

  • Prepare the surface to be painted, ensure that it is perfectly clean, dry and free from any dust. If not, the results may not be as expected.
  • Remove paint thoroughly before use. Do not shake the bottle to do it, you’ll only get bubbles. Use a clean stick or piece of wood. Remember to remove every bit while you are using it, as some colors sediment.
  • Do not paint with acrylic if the day is very humid, rainy, very cold or excessive heat. The best is a medium ambient temperature, so the drying will be done under normal conditions and the paint will not suffer alterations in its final finish.
  • Allow to dry very well between each application.
  • Cover the jars as soon as you finish using them, otherwise the paint can dry and harden in a short time, becoming useless for another opportunity.
  • Wash clothes that have been stained with acrylic paint at the moment. Dry stains are much more difficult to remove. We recommend exclusive clothing for this use (old or already stained).
  • When you have to paint on masking tape, use pure acrylic; if it is diluted, you run the risk of seeping underneath.
  • If you want to achieve more transparent glazes, mixing acrylic with a small part of varnish.
  • When you make outlines, always have a clean and wet brush near you to make corrections.
  • Thoroughly clean all utensils when you are finished using them. Acrylic paint is removed with water.

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