How to paint the wooden frame in a golden color

Painting a wooden frame color, gold can give brightness for any environment. The key to paint a wooden frame successfully is to prepare the wood with care and protect other nearby surfaces from splashes and other damage. With a suitable wood paint sealer and a gold-colored acrylic or oil based paint, you should achieve an attractive and durable finish.


  1. Clean the wooden frame carefully to help the paint adhere to the surface. Remove dirt and grease from the wooden frame with a trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaning solution. Apply the cleaner with the included applicator or wetting a cloth with the cleaner and using it to clean over the wooden frame. Start at the base of the wooden frame and continue straight up. Always wear protective gloves and face masks when using TSP.
  2. Rinse the entire wooden frame with clean water and a clean cloth. Wait for the wooden frame to dry.
  3. Masks the areas around the wooden frame to protect them from damage during sanding and painting. Glue wide masking tape on all surfaces on each side of the wooden frame. Apply the tape by pulling it from the roll and pressing it in place neatly and close to the edge of the wooden frame. Place a rag on the floor under the work area to protect the carpets and floor.
  4. Remove all loose or peeled paint from the wooden frame if necessary. Scrape all loose paint with a scraper. Remove the remaining paint strokes and smooth the surface of the wood frame by sanding it with a 120 grit sandpaper. Wrap the sandpaper in a sanding block to give it a better grip. Wear eye protection and a face mask when sanding.
  5. Treat the wooden frame with a sealer with aluminum base. This will stop the oils and sap from tarnishing the new paint. Paint a coat of sealer with a regular brush. Wait for the sealant to dry completely. Drying times vary depending on the brand, so check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  6. Paint the wooden frame with an oil-based acrylic paint. You can choose from a range of deep yellow or gold colored paints, including gold that gives a glossy and metallic finish. Paint the wooden frame with a regular brush for alcohol-based paints or with a latex brush for acrylic paints. Paint in the direction of the wood grain. Wait for the first coat of paint to dry and then add a second coat in the same direction to give it a smooth, durable finish.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wear protective clothing and equipment while sanding or applying the TSP cleaner.

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