How to paint pottery at home

Pottery can become a very enjoyable hobby. You do not even have to know how the clay is molded. Ceramics already made are available for an affordable price. You can buy pots or figurines and paint and decorate them at home. All you need is a little imagination and some space to work.


  1. Remove any dirt or debris from the part. Spread a sponge carefully through the piece and let it dry.
  2. Apply large areas of smooth color first. Select a clean brush of a suitable size and begin to paint the front of the piece.
  3. Hold the piece in an unpainted area and turn it to paint the side and the back. Select a clean brush and start painting the next large color area.
  4. Try to stay within the color zones. With acrylic paints you can paint over an area that was already painted if you are wrong. You just have to wait for that area to dry.
  5. Use a small brush to fill in details like the eyes and lips. For the pupils, make small dark circles with an even smaller white circle near the top of the pupil.
  6. Paint the iris of a smooth color. Add several very fine dark lines to create the effect of the human eye. These lines should extend from the pupil.
  7. Spray the piece with a glaze once finished and dry. This will help keep the piece better.

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