How to know if you have hired a good lawyer

In order not to maintain the suspense during the whole post, let’s get down to the point and answer the question, you do not have the remotest idea of ​​whether your lawyer is good or bad. It is basically impossible for you to succeed unless you are a lawyer or have dealt with many and have experience in the legal world, and even then, surely you have a fifty percent chance of making a mistake.

When the laymen of the matter we speak of a good lawyer we do not refer to if you know your subject, if you know how to deal with the legal world or if you are up to date with the latest regulations that affect your area of ​​knowledge. What most of us evaluate is whether you have an office in a classic area of ​​lawyers or a place where the prices we know are high, if you wear a branded suit, if you are punctual, if you are nice, if you seem to understand us, and above all, the result of the case that we have entrusted to you.

Moreover, even based on the resolution of the case, we lack the knowledge to evaluate it. Most people want to have a favorable outcome, even if they caught him at the crime scene, with the gun still smoking, two witnesses, a security camera that has videotaped him, three bodies shot in the middle of the From the pistol your client holds, the result they expect is for you to be declared innocent, a house arrest sentence and a ban on killing more people in the next thousand years is no use. No sir, the client wants to always get away with it even if all the law and all the jurisprudence is against his requests.

The most fundamental variable is the latter and that is why lawyers are valued, and by the way, all knowledge professionals, if they solve the problem as they raise it, not if they approach more or less, the premise unique and fundamental is if they solve it even if it is impossible.

Assuming then that what we can value as users is the treatment and not the technical quality, how can we know if it is really efficient and effective? The most normal thing is to ask another lawyer, as in all professions, most of those who stand out – for good and for bad – know each other and may be able to advise you if it is good. Unfortunately, the world of law is so broad that a lawyer expert in intellectual property may not have knowledge to know if a mercantilist is excellent, so they suffer from the same syndrome as us, but very attenuated based on being a lawyer and their years of experience.

Another important leg where we can support is to know in which university has studied, what prestige the university has, to know if at least the bases are good. From here, look if you have published a document or a book, if you are referred by other lawyers, if you teach in a prestigious place. This can be useful to know if you have at least knowledge, even at a theoretical level.

The next way is to know what law firms have been, how long and in what sectors. A lawyer who changes buffet every year is not a good sign, but if the progression is consistent and this several years in a firm as a junior, change to another as a senior, go to a different one as a partner in the same area as in which he was before, we may have a lawyer who has worked in real life and practice with real and non-academic law.

Finally, you have to study which clients and what cases you have managed. It is not the same to be five years based on making photocopies to be part of teams that have been involved in relevant cases. You have to be aware of the experience in the trenches, working hand in hand with seniors and expert partners in a sector, it helps a lot – even by osmosis – to learn the legal mechanisms.

So it is clear that finding a good lawyer requires a prior selection job. It is not worth the first google or the one recommended by our brother-in-law, yes, the same one that said you bought terra-shares, you have to invest a time that you do not always have to choose the most appropriate. If you do not have that time, you always have the option of pulling portfolio and hiring one of the big firms.

So sooner than later a certification for lawyers 6 will appear with the simple reason of validating the quality of the same and saving users all the work of searching, filtering and selecting which is the best for our interests. In the same way, it will help lawyers to separate the best from those who appear to be. In short, an option that will be useful to both worlds.

Now, it will be pending to have them selected and categorized so as not to have to search under the stones to find them, but this is another story.

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