How to keep lawyers

Homebound lawyers are a common sight in residential communities, especially during the warmer spring and summer months. If they are trying to sell something, collect money for charity or educate people about their cause or their religion, many people would rather be left alone than they have to talk to strangers who come around the neighborhood. Fortunately, there are steps that owners can take to reduce or eliminate the number of lawyers knocking at the door.


A “Do Not Request” sign in an easily visible area on or near the door of your home. One of these signs can be purchased at a local hardware store or you can simply make one on your own with a marker and a piece of paper or stock card. A sign will allow lawyers to know that they are not welcome and can help prevent you from knocking at their door.

Research if your community has a “Do Not Apply” record. Many towns require attorneys to register and receive permission from the city before going home, and some also maintain lists of homes that they do not want to be disturbed. If your community offers this service, add your address to the list.

Learn the laws of the city to apply for. In many places, lawyers are required by law to respect “Do not ask” signs and are allowed to go door to door only during certain times of the day. If you find a lawyer who is breaking the rules of the community or who makes you feel threatened in some way, call the police. You have the right to feel safe and not be disturbed on your property.

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