How to design and paint a room in black and red

The black and red are colors very bold and striking. Do not let this stop you from using these colors to decorate your room. A room painted red and black can be very inviting and luxurious when you do it well. A good plan design will help you paint a room in red and black that you will love.


  1. Spend some time looking at different shades of red paint for the walls of your room. This comes in many different tones and could be pinker, a little orange, and strong as blood or dark as bricks. The key is to choose the red paint tone that you feel comfortable with. A darker red color like cranberry or burgundy will create a relaxing combination when accompanied by black. Brighter shades of red will add contrast and excitement.
  2. Use black as your color to accentuate. Black paint has the ability to add drama to a room when it is used in the right colors to accessorize the main color. Consider painting black wood furniture, adding a black protective trim, installing a black marble surface to your dresser, using a black zonal rug or adding a black design to create a decorative wall. You can also use black photo frames on the walls and use bedding and window decorations with black borders.
  3. Do not remove white. One of the main mistakes made when decorating a room in red and black is to eliminate the white color in the room. By adding a white trim to your black and red color scheme, you are using what is considered the most romantic color palette. Using the traditional white paint on the trim in your red and black room will help define the base of the room and prevent red and black from being too overwhelming.
  4. Save yourself some time and effort by choosing the paint and base paint in one product. There was a time when you painted a room of red and / or black, you had to use a dyed base paint before painting the wall. However, the new formulas have made painting with bold colors easier.

Tips & Warnings

  • Buy sample paint to do tests on the wall and make sure you like the shades of red you are considering. Also do a test with the black to make sure it goes with the red you are choosing.

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