How to apply paint on the face in the form of animals

Paint forms of animals in the face can be a fun activity for both children and adults. Whether dealing with a play a party for Halloween or activity for children at a party, the painting with animal shapes on the face can enliven the atmosphere at any occasion. Although some may consider daunting the task of designing and applying paint, all you need is a basic kit for face paint, patience and a little imagination. With a little practice, almost anyone can apply paint on the face to look like an animal like a zebra.


  1. Prepare the face by washing it with a cleaner and drying it with a towel. Face painting is best applied on dry skin so wipe it off to avoid using any moisturizer or face products before applying the paint. Pick up the hair with a bow or tweezers to prevent stains.
  2. For a zebra shape choose the white color as your base layer. Moisten the sponge with the white paint that will cover most of the face. Starting with the forehead and moving from the inside to the outside of the face, apply a thin layer of white paint across the face. Make sure the sponge is not too wet or the paint will create streaks. If you are going to apply a second base layer, wait a few minutes to allow the first layer to dry before applying the second.
  3. Use a small brush to apply the black color on the eyelid, covering the fold of the eyelid and working from the inside to the outside. Once you finish with one eye do the same with the other.
  4. As with applying makeup, avoid the temptation to complete one side before beginning the other side of the face. In this way, you can adjust the application of the paint on each side instead of having to start all over again because one side is drastically different from the other.
  5. Add the line patterns of a zebra starting from the forehead and working up to the cheeks and chin. Using a small brush starts at the bridge of the nose between the eyes, and creates a model with triangular shape on the forehead. Basically you want the pattern to be symmetrical.
  6. Add lines of varying thickness on the forehead, between the hairline and eyebrows, making sure the lines are mirror images of each other.
  7. Use even and continuous lines. Do not try to draw models or designs, as this will result in uneven paint work.
  8. Draw a line from the corner of your lip and go diagonally across your chin toward your ear. Be creative. However, shape the line to fit. In addition, you can extend to the ear or surround it down once it reaches the cheekbone. Just be sure to apply the same scratched pattern to the other side of the face.
  9. Add finer lines that start from the nose and extend to the cheek.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use water-based face paint as it is easier to remove.
  • Before painting the face perform an allergy test by rubbing a small amount of paint on the face to determine if you suffer from any reaction. By doing this you will be able to prevent the adverse conditions of the skin in case of having any allergy to the ingredients of the painting.

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