When painting walls, you must take into account basic elements such as the appropriate amount of paint and the correct preparation of surfaces Painting walls is a simple job but sometimes may have some doubts and difficulties, especially for the first time who faces a task of such characteristics. This article lists five tips to avoid beginner mistakes when painting the walls of the house, from the common faults when loading the brush or roller with paint too scarce or abundant, to the importance of preparing the surfaces properly and leave dry the paint long… Read Article →

Paint forms of animals in the face can be a fun activity for both children and adults. Whether dealing with a play a party for Halloween or activity for children at a party, the painting with animal shapes on the face can enliven the atmosphere at any occasion. Although some may consider daunting the task of designing and applying paint, all you need is a basic kit for face paint, patience and a little imagination. With a little practice, almost anyone can apply paint on the face to look like an animal like a zebra…. Read Article →

The black and red are colors very bold and striking. Do not let this stop you from using these colors to decorate your room. A room painted red and black can be very inviting and luxurious when you do it well. A good plan design will help you paint a room in red and black that you will love. Instructions Spend some time looking at different shades of red paint for the walls of your room. This comes in many different tones and could be pinker, a little orange, and strong as blood or dark… Read Article →

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