The Legal Counsel serves as a legal advisor to the government and public authorities, directs the state attorney’s office and oversees the legal department that prepares and reviews proposed legislation. As a result of the high level of professionalism and political neutrality it has maintained over the years, the Legal Counsel’s office is viewed with great esteem by both the general public and members of the Government and the Supreme Court. The Legal Counsel is considered the main defender of the government of the law and the guardian of the public interest. The commission also… Read Article →

One of the main factors to consider when a personal injury lawyer is selected lawyer is information regarding their experience and practice areas. The lawyers who engage in personal injury cases understand that this is a complex area of ​​law and must be aware of the latest developments in this type of law. They can learn the habits and tactics employed lawyers opposite and can, therefore, offer an advantage to customers. These lawyers have also gained a reputation in these cases and have experience working with insurance companies and their lawyers; have “less than trying”… Read Article →

CONNECTICUT UNDER 21 DUI / DWI ARRESTS Ask any of the best Greenwich and Stamford DUI / DWI lawyers and they will agree—Connecticut is tough on Under 21 DUI and DWI offenders. While the laws are strict for drunk drivers who are 21 and over, there is basically zero tolerance for teenagers and drivers fewer than 21 who attempt to drink and drive. And the penalties can be severe—a permanent misdemeanor criminal conviction record, probation, suspension of your driver’s license for a minimum of 6 months, and increased auto insurance rates. So if you are… Read Article →

This is a very honorable profession and the representatives of this profession should have a number of qualities. Many are fighting for the title “good lawyer”, but do all have the necessary qualifications? If you choose a specialist to help you resolve a case, you should thoroughly review the relevant lawyers. You can start with the reputation of the firm where the lawyer works, or the name he has acquired over time in the profession. No lawyer who has been fighting for years for his success can afford to question his reputation because of minor… Read Article →

Having a brilliant technical knowledge is no longer enough for a lawyer to complete his professional career until the sociatura if he does not have leadership skills and commercial skills. Being named partner of a prestigious firm is the dream of most junior lawyers who enter a law firm shortly after finishing law. However, few are able to reach the top, since these positions not only require an impeccable work trajectory, but certain skills that not all lawyers have. Therefore, it is essential that lawyers plan their training for their professional future. Commercial skills, leadership… Read Article →

The work of lawyers, is a profession as old as it is complex. In their interaction with the social, lawyers are as necessary as interpreters for diplomacy and doctors for the prescription of medicines. That is why there are also numerous recommendations to have trusted lawyers to take on new challenges such as distrust of these characters. Lawyers are, it is worth remembering, one of the groups that raise more doubts in our society. The exercise of the right is still a difficult art, which requires different skills. In this context that in the present… Read Article →

Where a legal officer suspects and takes you into custody with DUI case, you are entitled to talk to the lawyer; this suggests what lawyers for DUI. So as soon as the police determine that you are driving under the influence, you should immediately contact a lawyer of criminal defense to get out of trouble. In fact, a professional lawyer Florida DUI may suggest smart to talk with officials and mitigate the consequences as much as possible ways. DUI is strict and so are the rules and sanctions. You need to stay as much care… Read Article →

If you are convicted of a DUI in California, your license will be suspended for months. If you refuse to take a BAC test will be suspended for one year. If you have prior DUI convictions, your license could be suspended for up to three years. If you respond to charges of DUI in the state of California, you could face serious penalties such as jail time, heavy penalties, and a permanent criminal record. If you are stopped and recorded BAC .08% or more, or operating a vehicle while using drugs you can be arrested… Read Article →

If you cannot afford a private defense attorney, you may be eligible to receive a public defender / public defender (or “public defender”) representing you. One of the bases of our system of law and justice is that all defendants have the right to be represented by a lawyer. This can be understood simply by listening to the warning that the police in this country must give to each person at the time of arrest. Known as Miranda rights, almost everyone in the United States knows this phrase of hours of police programs on television…. Read Article →

In order not to maintain the suspense during the whole post, let’s get down to the point and answer the question, you do not have the remotest idea of ​​whether your lawyer is good or bad. It is basically impossible for you to succeed unless you are a lawyer or have dealt with many and have experience in the legal world, and even then, surely you have a fifty percent chance of making a mistake. When the laymen of the matter we speak of a good lawyer we do not refer to if you know… Read Article →

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