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When it comes to painting, it is inevitable that a drop will escape on the garment or any area of ​​the room. Let’s see how to remove the paint stains. Remove stains by type of paint To remove paint stains must take into account that each product uses a specific solvent, but if in doubt, there are universal solvents (NITRO). The stains of oil are cleaned with turpentine or paint thinner, the paint stains oil are rubbed with turpentine and then washed with soap and water while the paint stains water are removed whittling the… Read Article →

The paint can come off the walls for a couple of reasons. If you live in an area with excessive humidity or content of water in the environment, that can damage paint and wall enough for the paint to peel off the surface of the wall, especially if it was not prepared properly before of painting. If a wall is painted with paint based oil and later someone paints using a latex paint, regardless of other conditions, the paint will chip more likely. Before you even start painting, you should always clean your walls with… Read Article →

The painting of the cars that remain outside fades with the weather, especially on the hood, roof and trunk. Faded paint stains will make your car look old and worn. Mechanical workshops can charge you hundreds of dollars to repair these stains, or try to convince you that your car needs a new paint job, which is often unnecessary. Learn how to fix stained paint stains and get your car looking like new again. Instructions: Wash the car with car detergent and a soft sponge. Rinse with water and let the car dry completely. Park… Read Article →

Aluminum is a material that seems complicated to paint because there is no specific aluminum paint, but you can apply any.  What makes aluminum paint to be durable is the chemical primer before painting put under aluminum. From Biotech want to give you some tips to properly use your paint to aluminum surfaces notes: Sanding the aluminum surface. This is the most important phase, so that the coating of paint covers the entire surface of aluminum and the paint is durable, it is very important that you sand the surface well. Clean aluminum. Remove all… Read Article →

Are you thinking of painting your room, the room or hallway in your home? To achieve a professional end it is important to prepare the environment. Yes, this takes time, but you will not regret it when you see the result. No matter what space you plan to paint, the steps you must take are the same. And do not try to do it fast, you’ll save yourself problems and stress if you take your time before you start painting. Removes everything The first step is to remove all furniture and accessories from the space…. Read Article →

How to paint wood furniture. Painting the furniture involves sanding, applying primer and painting. If you have the patience to apply a second coat of paint, you will have the reward of a finished look better and last longer. Painting wood furniture is something very easy that you can do yourself. Just follow the steps below. Instructions Make sure there is no chance that your furniture is an antiquity that you would destroy its value by changing the finish. Set your work area in a well-ventilated place with nothing around it that could produce flames… Read Article →

The oil allows us to achieve very rich effects in colors and contrasts. As the oil paint dries very slowly, it allows mixing, making degradation in tones and correcting with ease. Tips for painting with oils With the oil, not only linear strokes can be made, but also allows to make glazes, watermarks, stains, etc. The media used to paint with oil, can be on linen or cotton, on frame or glued to a table. This support must be covered by a very fine layer of plaster and glue or sizing. This preparation is carried… Read Article →

When painting with acrylics, tips can be very useful. Let’s see some of them to be safer when it comes to making our paintings. Painting tips with acrylic Acrylic paints are widely used for different decorative techniques, whose main features are its fast drying and good covering power. But besides knowing very well the technique to be applied, there are other skills that will serve us for the painting with acrylic achieve excellent results. Here are some tips: How to paint with acrylic paints Prepare the surface to be painted, ensure that it is perfectly… Read Article →

Painting a wooden frame color, gold can give brightness for any environment. The key to paint a wooden frame successfully is to prepare the wood with care and protect other nearby surfaces from splashes and other damage. With a suitable wood paint sealer and a gold-colored acrylic or oil based paint, you should achieve an attractive and durable finish. Instructions: Clean the wooden frame carefully to help the paint adhere to the surface. Remove dirt and grease from the wooden frame with a trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaning solution. Apply the cleaner with the included applicator… Read Article →

Painting stripes on walls can create several different and unique aspects, depending on the colors and the finishes of the painting. With a relatively small amount of time and money, you can transform an entire room into a day. Preparation in advance and accurate measurements are key to creating a striped room that looks like a professional painting. Instructions Painting selection Use non-toxic latex latex paint, in two colors to paint the stripes in the baby room. Choosing colors that contrast will give more room and drama to the room, while choosing different shades of… Read Article →

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