How to hire a lawyer for your SME

Do you need a lawyer urgently for your SME, and do not know how to look for it? Below I share with you some relevant points to take into consideration when looking for a lawyer for our company.

Now knowing what your legal problem is, you have two optionsĀ to hire a lawyer that fits what you need: you can search on your own or look for references between your circles more near.

After getting a couple of lawyer contacts, you should contact the lawyer and schedule a meeting. It is very important that they meet in person, since, in case you hire them, they will have a very close relationship, which can last a long time.

In the meeting with the lawyer you should try to validate their knowledge, professionalism and reliability. It is key that you verify if the lawyer is a specialist in what you are looking for, that is, that is an employment lawyer if that is what you need and not criminal. If the lawyer tells you it is good for both subjects, and several issues. Remember the saying: Confectioner to your cakes.

If the lawyer has managed to convince you of his skills, ask him for a work plan and a proposal for fees. The best thing is that you visit more than one lawyer, so that you can compare between different work plans and proposal of fees and, based on that, hire a lawyer that fits what you need.

When you have chosen the lawyer, it is best to formalize the relationship through the signing of a contract to provide services where it is clear what their obligations and yours are.

Requires weekly or monthly reports. It is good to maintain communication permanently so that you can be clear about the progress of the management you have requested.

Remember that you will not always be presented with the same type of problem in your business, this means that the problem is not always the same. Therefore, it is not appropriate to always hire the same lawyer. The smartest thing is, using an increasingly competitive market, having several pre-selected lawyers at your fingertips, so you can always choose the most appropriate one.